New York Wall Art

Want to make some easy art to help cover wall space in your home? Well I’ve got a solution for you! And for a grand total of spending of maybe $25. Everything I bought I got on sale, so a word to the wise, always wait for a sale. It will happen eventually? 🙂 20120505-121621.jpg

To complete this easy project you’ll need the following:
A calendar with larger pictures (I chose a New York City black and white calendar. I thought it had great photos and each page was a perfect size!)


You’ll also need a whole whack of frames. Ikea had a sweet sale awhile ago and I bought a million different sizes and in varying colours (ok, most were black and white…) 20120505-122449.jpg

Super easy steps:
Gently remove staples from the calendar
Pick which photos you want to use
Carefully cut them and position in the frames
I like borders, so I left the mats that were in the frames.
Framing some of the photos was fun cause the frames were small, so I ha to pick which part of the larger photo I wanted to capture and have hanging on my wall!
Once you’ve picked and framed all the photos you want out of your calendar, then comes the more difficult part of figuring out how to hang them. I spent quite a bit of time doing this, and it may have been smart to do this first… Alas every project is a learning experience!
I hung them on the wall with those amazing 3M Velcro strips. Especially great if you are a renter and don’t want to make too many holes in the walls 😉20120505-123504.jpg
Seriously. They are amazing!

Hang the frames up and admire the easy and cheap wall art!


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