DIY Crayon Canvas Art

I was feeling inspired by the move into fall awhile ago, and started trolling Google images for new ideas.  I came across something similar to what I’ve created here, and decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve been collecting crayons anytime they were on sale for the past six or so months knowing full well that I wanted to melt me some more crayons!  (I’ve done it before with a hair dryer).  That being said, I found a NEW method using a hot glue gun!  Made life much easier, and I found it less messy.

The finished product worked out just the way I wanted it to on my first try!  Needless to say I’m pretty pleased with myself

To create this crayon wonder, you’ll need:

  1. Canvas
  2. An inexpensive glue gun (mine’s from the dollar store, and totally does the trick)
  3. A whole whack of crayons
  4. Markers (sharpies)
  5. Some idea of what you’d like to create!

I started by trolling Google images for silhouette images I liked. Once I found one I liked it was time to start.  I painted the canvas white to give it an overall finish look.  After that dried, I freehanded the silhouette I wanted to use (but you could totally print it out and trace it too to make it easier). I used a black sharpie marker to colour my silhouette and a red sharpie for my umbrella. After that was done, the real fun started….

photo 3

photo 8






Start by peeling a whole whack of crayons, essentially prepping them for the glue gun so you can work more quickly. I used all blues, whites, teals and a couple greys to even our the colour spectrum. Heat up the glue gun and push the crayon slowly through.  With your canvas on an slight angle start at the top and let it drip towards the bottom. Unlike glue sticks, the crayon will have to be pushes through the glue gun.  I used the next crayon to push the previous one through 🙂 Repeat this process over and over and over and over under you have the desired amount of colour coverage on the canvas.  Layering colours and mixing shades really worked for me.

photo 5















Only downside, I no longer have any blue crayons in my boxes…its all the yucky browns left! But well worth it!


DIY Large Canvas Newspaper Art

I blame pinterest for some of my recent art projects…and I found a great large canvas idea what seems like forever ago and finally got up the courage to just do it.

I bought a HUGE canvas on sale at Michael’s like three years ago (yes, three years ago). It sat in an apartment for awhile, in a storage unit for a summer, then in my condo for another two years. There is something intimidating about such a large canvas space that makes one shy away from ever doing anything with it.

So, I had this canvas in my house, and knowing myself to not be the completely art-type (I would classify myself as more of an abstract artist) I knew I would have to do something easy enough to not scare me away.

Alas, Pinterest and all of its glory saved me.  I found a great idea from and was good to go.  From start to finish was a few weeks cause I could only ever do a little at a time, but alas I finished it two nights ago and am so proud of myself.


  • Canvas
  • Newspaper
  • ModgePodge
  • Sponge brush
  • Small disposable pie plate
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small/medium paint brush

Don’t worry about instructions, its pretty straight forward.

  1. Find a bunch of newspapers and rip them up.  I chose to use only black and white print (no colours), and I actually went through and made sure I had no sad/depressing stories making their way onto my canvas. No one wants to look at that…
  2. Put some modge podge in the pie plate and paint on sections of your canvas, cover with ripped newsprint and then spread some more modge podge over top.  I did it in sections and left the bottle of modge podge closed so it wouldn’t dry out. When its dry it’ll be glossy and smooth. Just make sure to wrap newspaper all the way around the edges of the canvas to give it a more completed look.
  3. I cut all the overhanging edges of newspaper so it would hang easier on the wall.
  4. Then the scary part came….painting.  I’ll be honest, this took me awhile cause I didn’t want to mess up. Then I just told myself to go for it and freehanded most of it!  I’ll say I was pretty impressed, but it definitely helped that I had a picture I was trying to replicate.
  5. Volia, you’re done.
  6. Hang and enjoy!IMG_0027 IMG_0028 photo