Super Easy and Fast Guacamole

Seriously, it’s almost stupid how much money I have been spending recently on guacamole. I love the stuff. So this week while at the grocery store I decided that instead of buying the pre-made garbage, I was going to pick up an actual avocado and make the stuff myself.  Just my luck avocados were also on sale this week (it was like a sign!). So tonight after work I popped  few things in a bowl and voila – instant awesomeness.

Guacamole Party!


1 – avocado (ripe, but not too ripe)

1 – small firm tomato

1/4 – fresh lime

1/4 – small onion (I’m not the world’s biggest onion fan, so this was plenty for me)

Some garlic powder and sea salt

I cut the avocado in half, and scooped the yummy stuff into a bowl.  Instead of mashing it to bits I left a few small/mid-sized chunks cause that’s the way I roll.  Chopped the onion (super tiny; mostly because I don’t want to see it), cut the tomato into small-ish pieces and added it to the mix.  I took a quarter sliver out of my fresh lime and squeezed as much juice as possible into the mix.  I added some garlic powder (I had no fresh garlic in the kitchen) and a dash of good ol’ sea salt for good measure.  Stir it up and let it sit in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes (this lets all those yummy flavours mix together to create a masterpiece).

Take it out of the fridge and enjoy!  My favourite chip at the moment are the Old Dutch ‘Sea Salt & Hint of Lime” (which I can only ever find at Safeway for some reason).  There are so good!

I would have loved to share a photo of the finished product, but I ate it all so quickly, that I totally forgot!  Whoops! Next time.

Other options include adding a bit of salsa to the mixture, or a favourite of mine is fresh bacon crumbled into it!   Enjoy!