DIY Large Canvas Newspaper Art

I blame pinterest for some of my recent art projects…and I found a great large canvas idea what seems like forever ago and finally got up the courage to just do it.

I bought a HUGE canvas on sale at Michael’s like three years ago (yes, three years ago). It sat in an apartment for awhile, in a storage unit for a summer, then in my condo for another two years. There is something intimidating about such a large canvas space that makes one shy away from ever doing anything with it.

So, I had this canvas in my house, and knowing myself to not be the completely art-type (I would classify myself as more of an abstract artist) I knew I would have to do something easy enough to not scare me away.

Alas, Pinterest and all of its glory saved me.  I found a great idea from and was good to go.  From start to finish was a few weeks cause I could only ever do a little at a time, but alas I finished it two nights ago and am so proud of myself.


  • Canvas
  • Newspaper
  • ModgePodge
  • Sponge brush
  • Small disposable pie plate
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Small/medium paint brush

Don’t worry about instructions, its pretty straight forward.

  1. Find a bunch of newspapers and rip them up.  I chose to use only black and white print (no colours), and I actually went through and made sure I had no sad/depressing stories making their way onto my canvas. No one wants to look at that…
  2. Put some modge podge in the pie plate and paint on sections of your canvas, cover with ripped newsprint and then spread some more modge podge over top.  I did it in sections and left the bottle of modge podge closed so it wouldn’t dry out. When its dry it’ll be glossy and smooth. Just make sure to wrap newspaper all the way around the edges of the canvas to give it a more completed look.
  3. I cut all the overhanging edges of newspaper so it would hang easier on the wall.
  4. Then the scary part came….painting.  I’ll be honest, this took me awhile cause I didn’t want to mess up. Then I just told myself to go for it and freehanded most of it!  I’ll say I was pretty impressed, but it definitely helped that I had a picture I was trying to replicate.
  5. Volia, you’re done.
  6. Hang and enjoy!IMG_0027 IMG_0028 photo

DIY Canvas Wall Art

NOTE: January 2015 – want to thank everyone for continuing to check this post. Hope you’re able to be creative and do this yourself.  Feel free to share photos of your own creations! Thanks!

I found this idea in a store and decided that instead of spending lot of money on them I would make it myself! Easy right?

Necessary Supplies:

3 – 12″x12″ blank back stapled canvases (I buy them in bulk at Michael’s when they have awesome coupons) – $6.00

1 – white acrylic paint (dollar store is great for easy colours) – $1.00

1 or 2 – background colour(s) of your choosing (I used a robin’s egg blue & purple, from Michael’s with coupon) – $1.50 each

1 – wide acrylic paint brush – $4.00

1 – roll of painters tape (I had some lying around, its usually pretty cheap though)

Total cost for this project: $14.00


  1. Lay out some old newspaper to create your super easy masterpieces
  2. Paint each canvas with the white paint, let dry and paint again (make sure to paint the outer edges of the canvas)
  3. Let them all dry and just create your art work using the painters tape. (I doubled up a few of the pieces of tape to make wider lines, and I also cut some of the tape pieces in half to make thinner lines.)
  4. Paint over the edges of ALL of the painters tape (this will help prevent any of the coloured paint seeping underneath the tape later, I promise). Let dry and run over the same lines again
  5. Once dry, paint over the whole canvas again in the colour of your choosing (making sure to get all the edges too!)
  6. Let dry, and paint again with the coloured paint
  7. Let the canvas dry COMPLETELY
  8. Gently peel the painters tape off the canvas to reveal the easy, simple, yet beautiful art you’ve created!

Seems easy enough right?

This could also be done on larger canvases, smaller canvases, or even multiple sizes to hang together.

Mine hang in my office at work. My grey walls needed some colour, and these fit the bill perfectly!